Get Involved / Volunteer

There are many ways to get involved with our organization and help our mission of promoting health and fitness to everyone in NWA – hence Giving Back to the Community.

Come to our Fitness and Health Banquet. Details here

1.  Become a community member of our organization, receive our good N.E.W.S.Letter and help kids be more aware of their health by supporting their own SuperFit journey. Start here.

2.  Volunteer at our events or other events that are taking place locally.  The event promoters would ALWAYS appreciate help… they may even throw in a meal or a free t-shirt for you.  Help here.

3.  Donate to our mission to help a SuperFit Candidate or aid in our mission as a Corporate member. Donate here.

We need help for our Pump n Run Obstacle Course… whether it’s spotting the bench press, helping us set up, stationing an obstacle, or even take pictures of the competitors, we will provide food and a t-shirt for your involvement!

Interested in Volunteering @ the PRO Course?

We also need facilitators to help us share the good N.E.W.S. to more kids.  Go to our Contact Us page so we can get in touch with you directly on how you can serve the community with our good N.E.W.S. campaign!

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