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IMG_2302 copyOur SuperFit Campaign is our primary program for kids, but can be for adults also.  We want to bring this campaign to after school programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Camp War Eagle, and any other program where kids want to achieve a physical fitness goal, better mental performance, and to be more confident in their faith and purpose to matter.  Our goal is to have everyone represent their chosen program or school in the Pump n Run Obstacle Course held at the end of the school year in the spring, but we want all individuals to have a goal for any competition throughout NWA.logo3

We want you to grow in your healthy lifestyle by following the good N.E.W.S. and growing in your faith along with helping others in incredible ways you wouldn’t realize.  Register here so we have you on file to compete in the PRO Course at the end of the year… If you gain enough supporters or sponsors, you will be able to run in the PRO Course for free*!  (*Gift card in the amount of individual entry will be given back or may be donated to charity of choice).

Help us share this message to Northwest Arkansas and come to our First NWA Fitness and Health Winter Banquet.

Arkansas has just recently been ranked #6 in adult and adolescent obesity.  View the alarming statistics of Arkansas obesity rates among other states here.  Let’s do something about it!

Get Started with the SuperFit Campaign!   Here are the steps:

1. Register as a SuperFitter.

Sign up and Register as a Superfitter!!!

2. Follow the good N.E.W.S.:  Print off the Superfit Workouts and the Superfit N.E.W.S. Journal for the month below.  Record your numbers on your journal and Enter them in the online app below. Submit them before the end of the day each Saturday evening.  They will be sent on Sunday to your SuperFit Coach (or school or organizational facilitator).  Our newest fundraiser is to create a SuperFit smartphone mobile App so you will be able to enter your data that way and follow your candidates immediately.

Enter your good N.E.W.S. through our online database

How to earn points for SuperFit Campaign

3.  Ask for supporters to encourage you and hold you accountable.  Download the pledge form below.

If you want to raise money for your chosen non-profit, download the form and ask for sponsors! (get your entry registration fee back too)  Superfit pledge form    .  The blue button below is where your supporters/sponsors would click on.  On our app, they (the supporter/sponsor) will be able to get an automatic performance log of your good N.E.W.S. once a week.

Support a SuperFitter!

Each month we will display a new workout plan that has 12 FitDeck exercises.  Please check out all their FitDeck decks here.  


This month’s good N.E.W.S. tips and workout is below.

Superfit kid workouts February edition      Superfit workouts February adult edition

Superfit journal February biblical edition    Superfit journal February secular edition


Archives:  superfit-workouts-december-adult-edition  superfit-kid-workouts-december-edition  Superfit kid workouts January edition   Superfit adult workouts January edition copy

We want everyone to be aware of the options here in Arkansas and to research the right information from the established organizations that have already started the same type of campaign.  The Arkansas Coalition of Obestity has great credible info we support.  If not, a simple way to learn about proper nutrition is to visit

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Here’s our SuperFit partners and sponsors.  Please thank them for their contribution and help us lower the obesity rank in Arkansas!!!

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