NANBF Transformation Challenge

NANBF Transformation Challenge

The NANBF Transformation Challenge is a self-improvement competition, combining a personal body Transformation along with photos and essays. Contestants will be judged by 2 panels: the NANBF Lifestyle Transformation panel and the attending crowd votes.  The NANBF judging panel winner determines the winner whose inspiring story will be featured on NANBF media outlets. Top five Transformation competitors from the men’s and women’s divisions together (that are judged by the NANBF panel) will be recognized and awarded at the NWANC competition.  All competitors stories will be displayed at the NWANC for crowd favorite vote and all competitors stories will be displayed on the NWANC Transformation page for social media/online votes.

If you want to download a flier and entry form of the Challenge, here are the images:

2022 NWATC Entry form

Who’s Eligible to Enter this Challenge? Transformation participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Open to any natural contestant (following NANBF drug-free criteria) that has not elected weight loss surgery (such as bariatric, gastric bypass, gastric band, etc.).  All contestants are subject to polygraph process. Competitors are not required to enter any other bodybuilding divisions, but are eligible to crossover into other divisions if they choose to do so.  Contact promoter if you wish to crossover –

Photo Guidelines: Men and women should wear workout clothes for their photos.  Arms should be at sides in all poses (front/side/back). Photos should be taken against a plain background. Copyrighted photos will not be accepted unless a signed release of use to the NANBF is provided.

Photos (before transformation): 3 pictures taken upon entering, can be no further out than 364 days prior to the competition.  Photo 1- Full body picture posed from the front. Photo 2- Full body posed from the side, Photo 3 -Full body posed from the back. The contestant must have a newspaper included showing the date when taken.  Report weight in these photos and must be accompanied by an In-body scan report (or similar body composition report approved by promoter). Contact promoter for options – .

Photos (after transformation): The online registration and the 3 ‘after’ pictures taken must be submitted prior to registration deadline of competition (July 1st).  Photo 4 – Full body picture posed from the front. Photo 5- Full body posed from the side. Photo 6 -Full body posed from the back.  Newspaper must be visible in photos to verify date.  Report weight in the final photos along with final In-Body scan report (or other similar body composition report approved by promoter).

All 6 photos must be submitted together with the essay via email on or before 2 weeks out of competition to the promoter (unless promoter designates earlier).

Entry Timelines and Deadlines Entry must be completed by 11:59 pm CST 2 weeks before the date of the competition (or earlier by promoters discretion) – which is July 1st.  All entries and essays must be completed in the English language. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. Registration will close no later than two weeks out from competition date.  Contestants must submit 3 photos in initial entry, and 3 photos in final entry and a brief essay together via email by that time.  You must also become a NANBF member in order to compete in this challenge, therefore you must also take a polygraph to verify your natural transformation.  NANBF membership is $80 (click here to register) and Polygraph is $50 paid directly to polygrapher at time of polygraph.  Promoter will contact you week of competition (7/8-7/15) to schedule polygraph.

Essay Guidelines Contestants must submit a 250 word maximum essay along with the 6 photos no later than deadline.  Contestants who make the top 5 final, their essays will be read allowed by Emcee and posted on show website. They will only be judged on content, not delivery. The essay must answer the following questions: a. What was your motivation to change? b. How did you accomplish your goal? c. Who do you want to thank? d. How do you intend to maintain changes for the long-term?

Judging by NANBF: The judges will review pictures and essays prior to the day of the show. This will give them an opportunity to become familiar with each contestant’s journey. Contestants will be scored and placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) according to their photos and essays.

How You Will Be Judged: 2 way voting panel… 1) by the 5-7 NANBF certified judges @ the NWANC and 2) by Crowd Favorite; every person attending the NWANC will vote through a Google Form.  Link will be opened day of event.  Only one vote per online vote.  On show day, the Top 5 contestants that are judged will have their essays read aloud by emcee along with their initial and final progress pictures displayed.  The contestant with the lowest total score wins the overall.

Each panel will select Transformation winners in the contest from all eligible and completed entries. Entries are judged based on physical transformation over the time span, including bodyfat lost, muscle gained, challenges overcome and on the articulation of that transformation through the form of an essay and/or photo submission.

Prizes (subject to change):  1st-3rd Place will receive premier goody bag prizes from show sponsors, testimony will be on the Transformation Challenge page of the NWANC website, and custom placement award.

Regulations and Requirements All winners are responsible for all applicable taxes; prizes are not transferable; and there will be no substitutions for the prizes.  Registration and final profile must include a before and after showing the contestants before and after body. In photos the contestants are to stand with their arms at their sides and to include their entire body, from head to toe. Photos should be taken against a plain background. Copyrighted photos will not be accepted unless a signed release of use to the NANBF is provided.

NANBF Transformation Challenge Initial Entry Form NANBF Transformation Challenge Final Entry form