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To see the alarming statistics of Childhood obesity and physical inactivity rate in Arkansas, click here: .

Solving childhood obesity takes work and coordination from multiple directions. Making changes in schools, educating parents, and empowering young people are just some of the important parts of creating a healthier generation. We all realize with community support, our children will be able to perform better in many aspects of life: socially, physically, educationally, phychologically, Explore the options below to find out how you can get more involved in this worthwhile process here in Northwest Arkansas.

Here’s how you can take action and get an idea to help in our area.


Join us at the local fitness and health events to share the good N.E.W.S.  We ask you first come to our Fitness and Health Banquet and hear our message of how we plan to showcase fitness and health to everyone in NWA.


Young people spend the majority of their day at school. We need to support our nation’s schools in providing access to good nutrition and physical activity for our students.

Out-of-School Time

Out-of-school time settings can reinforce healthy eating habits and active lifestyles in the places kids spend their time before school, after school, and during school breaks.


By working together, doctors and registered dietitians can help children and their families adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Train and Raise Funds

Want to be more active along with your donation? Lead by example. Join our team, train for success, and start building a healthier life for yourself and our nation’s young people.

Get Your Company Involved

Nurturing healthy children is a goal everyone can support. Establish a volunteer relationship with us and together, we can do great work.

Empower Young People

Who better to impact children than their own peers? Learn how to empower young people to raise their voice and have an active role in building healthier homes, schools and communities.

Join us in making NWA a healthier generation.