NWA Natural Championships

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The 2020 NWA Natural Championships has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and social distancing regulations around show time (June 27th).

However, the 2020 Pump Off  took place at the Arkansas Strength Expo in Little Rock on June 27th.  Exact location: Arkansas State Fairgrounds, 2600 Howard Street, Little Rock, AR.  Click on the logo above to get details and results.

Also, the 2021 NANBF Tranformation Challenge is already starting!!!  Winners are judged by NANBF judging panel, attendees of the NWANC, and through social media outlets.  Cash prize for winners.

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Major Sponsors:  J Street Gym, Santos Chiropractic, Smoothie King of NWA, A Touch Above Massage Therapy

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Coming back THIS YEAR: The NWA Pump Off, but now added is THE BELT SQUAT!


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NWA Pump Off

Also new for 2020, the NANBF Tranformation Challenge.  Download pdf information here. NANBF Transformation Challenge  Entry button is below.  Click on the logo above to visit details.

NANBF Transformation Challenge

These two entries (Pump Off and Transformation) are separate of the NWANC competitor entry.

2021 NWANC COMPETITION DATE – June 26th, 2021 (with Pump Off and Transformation Challenge)


The Metroplex Center of Rogers, 2305 S 8th St, Rogers, AR 72758, (479) 636-5333; http://www.metroplexeventcenter.com/


The North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF, www.nanbf.net).  View upcoming NANBF events here.  View NANBF merchandise here


Joe Wilson; 479-530-6268; bigjoewilson123@yahoo.com


Doors open at 11:30.  Starting of NWANC show, Pump Off competition, and Transformation Challenge voting starts at 12:00 P.M.

Introduction of Emcee and Judges, Competitors Entrance, Star Spangled Banner

Order of events will be in a Running Format – Prejudging, Routine/’7 Walk’, Awards (Placings, Best Performance, Crowd Favorite).

Men’s BB,  Women’s Physique, Men’s Classic, Women’s Figure, Break, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bikini

Break: Possible special guest performance, 12 and under division, then recognition of NWA Pump Off winners and NANBF Transformation Challenge winners.


$30 if purchased prior to or on day of 6/25/2021. $35 as of 6/26/2021.  Back stage trainer pass $10 (one per competitor). For Advanced Ticket Purchase click on link at bottom of page.  *SPECIAL OFFERS* Either 1) Bring 2 cans of non perishable food items and we’ll take off $5 off of the NWANC late ticket price or 2) If you compete in the NWA Pump Off, we’ll take off $5 of the NWANC late ticket price.


Sculptured one-of-a-kind awards, engraved plaques, medallions, or swords will be given to the TOP 5 in all divisions, plus overalls and best poser.

Imprinted/Embroidered Mr. and Ms. Natural Arkansas jackets given to male bb, classic, figure, male/female physique, and bikini classes.

12 and Under competitors earn a t-shirt and medallion if they get on stage (register with parent registration).  Winner of each class go to finals where boys winner wins Mr. Little Arkansas battle sword with helmet and Ms. Arkansas girls winner wins crown.  12 and under division will be judged by crowd on smart phone.

NEW THIS YEAR!!!  ‘Crowd Favorite’ where audience (and social media fans) can vote for NWANC stage competitor.


Height will apply in novice and open categories. Promoter reserves the right to adjust classes.


Comfort Suites Bentonville 2011 Southeast Walton Blvd Bentonville, AR 72712; (479) 254-9099 $89 per night . Please mention NWA Natural Championships before 5/31/2020 for discounted rate and guaranteed booking in the block we reserved.


Crisp Recordings and Blue Horizon Productions


Performed by Glo Sunless – Krista Floyd  gloco.sunless@gmail.com  913-230-7845.  Call them to set up appt.


Performed by Stacy Roane 479-799-8284  stacy.roane@yahoo.com






Posing suits must be worn and be of solid color, opaque, devoid of embroidery, stripes or other embellishments. Accessories are not permitted including jewelry (excluding wedding bands). At finals, accessories & props attached to body may be used. Only women’s bodybuilding suits may have sequins or special designs – as in a women’s physique division.  Women can crossover to figure and physique, but not to bikini.  Men can crossover to classic, but not to men’s physique.  View NANBF specific details here


Physique competitors need to wear board shorts, (shorts must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below the belly button, no spandex and no logos are permitted on the board shorts (however a manufacturer’s logo such as Nike symbol or Billabongs are acceptable.) No shirt, foot wear, or body accessories for pre-judging. No Crossover to Bodybuilding, but can crossover to Classic. At finals, accessories & props attached to body may be used. View NANBF specific details here


Thong suits are not permitted. Suits can include designs, patterns and/or adornments. Jewelry is permitted. Shoes are not worn. 60 sec music selections should not contain profane or offensive material. Crossovers between Women’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding will be permitted. Crossovers between Women’s Physique to Figure and Women’s Bodybuilding are allowed, but not to Bikini. Visit nanbf.org for judging criteria, poses, individual routine for the Women’s Physique division.  View NANBF specific details here


Two piece swimsuits and heels are to be worn in both rounds. No thongs may be worn in either round. Suit must cover ½ of both cheeks. Visit nanbf.net for acceptable suits. No Crossover to Figure.  NEW FOR 2019 NWANC… bikini mom category (because we know mom-hips and stretched pregnant skin is hard to compete with non-momma hips and non-stretched out skin).  If unsure of suit, contact promoter.  Cannot crossover to figure, physique, or bodybuilding.  View NANBF specific details here


Two piece figure suits and heels. No thongs may be worn in either round. Embroidery or embellishments are allowed on suits. No Crossover to Bikini, but can crossover to women’s physique and bodybuilding.  View NANBF specific details here


Competitors are required to wear posing shorts void of logo’s.  No board shorts or Bodybuilding posing trunks.  Can crossover to men’s physique or to bodybuilding, but Men’s physique cannot crossover to Bodybuilding (and vice versa).  View NANBF specific details here


Mixed pairs consist of one male and one female doing bodybuilding poses.  Competitors in this category cannot be from bikini or men’s physique categories – figure, women’s physique/bb, classic physique, or bb are allowed only.

Pairs will be judged through a series of poses that will allow the judges to evaluate one physique to the other, the synchronization of movement between the two competitors, and the originality of the routine devised by the competitors.


Bodybuilding, Classic, and Women’s Physique will pose to music of their choice at finals. If you are entered in more than one class, you will pose only once. Music will be limited to 60 seconds. Music must be cued to start and recording must be of good quality. CD’s only. Two copies must be provided. Figure, men’s physique, and bikini music will be provided.


The entry fee is $75 for the initial division of competition and $60 for each additional division. Entries must be received no later than June 13th, or a late entry penalty of $35 will be applied. Absolutely no entries accepted after June 20th, 2020. (You will receive additional information by email two weeks prior to contest).  Recommended entry is online below on this page.  Other options is to download NWANC Entry form paper version and send to address: Joe Wilson Productions, PO Box 1331, Bentonville, AR, 72712. Please make money order or certified check payable to: Joe Wilson Productions.


The competition is open to all physique athletes who have not at any time during the 84 months prior to the day preceding this event, engaged in the personal use of anabolic steroids, other growth enhancing drugs, or Rx diuretics used to prepare for this competition or OTC diuretics used seven days prior to event. Refer to the banned substance list at www.NANBF.net or contact promoter for any questions.


Every competitor is polygraphed set by appointment with promoter. First come, first serve. Fee to polygrapher is $45 CASH (increased as of Jan 1, 2017). Good for NANBF shows within a 30 day period. Promoters have the right to test and retest prior to or after the show. NANBF membership required. BE PREPARED TO POLYGRAPH UP TO 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONTEST. NO EXCEPTIONS. All contestants must present NANBF card at check-in. NANBF Cards are $80 and are to be purchased online. (Additional information about drug testing will be mailed to you after we receive your entry.)

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