NWA Inaugural Pump Off

Remember the rules: Bench press a % of your body weight for reps.  (% are above).  Rep-bar must touch athlete’s chest and be fully extended or a no count will be given.  A small hand towel roll is optional, but will not be provided.  Bench Press will be judged by U.S. Military or personal trainers. No bench press suits allowed and NO REFUNDS.   Pushups for ages 5-13 are performed ‘game style’; Watch this demonstration video for technique

Two sets of awards: 1) for most reps by an individual and most AVERAGE reps by a 5 person team, and 2) total poundage lifted (weight x reps) by an individual and highest average of total poundage by a team.

To make it a community effort, please consider joining our SuperFit campaign and raise money for our local non-profits.

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NWA Pump Off entry form

  • This is to know which team earn the top dog bench press reps and total poundage.
  • Price: $10.00
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