Pump n Run Page

Objective/Premise of the Pump n Run

An athlete’s run time will be reduced by 20 seconds for each successful bench press (maximum 40 reps) or 10 seconds for every game-style pushup (maximum 80 reps). This will allow a runner to reduce their runtime up to 13 minutes 20 seconds.  Rep-bar must touch athlete’s chest and be fully extended or a no count will be given.  A small hand towel roll is optional, but will not be provided.  Bench Press will be judged by U.S. Military or personal trainers. No bench press suits allowed and NO REFUNDS

Racer bib number must be worn during all portions.  Pushups for ages 5-13 are performed ‘game style’; Watch this demonstration video for technique.  Athletes ages 14+ are required to successfully attempt to lift at least one repetition on the bench press. Chip Timing will be the method of time keeping for the racer’s distance course.  A runner’s final time will be based on how many times they can bench press their weight by the formula below (or pushups) and including the time of course.  There will be 8 divisions each for the men and women.

Percentage of bodyweight to lift

Athletes must have running shoes and number at weigh-in.      

We want to offer a way for all racers to earn their race registration fee back.  Competitor must first sign up for the SuperFit Campaign.  If competitor is a SuperFit Candidate and earns enough sponsors to cover their registration (WHICH MUST BE 2x THE COST OF THE REGISTRATION), they will receive a rebate check from the NWAFHA (will be contacted through email after the race).  (register here for SuperFit campaign, register here to support SuperFitter).

Registration must be completed 1 week prior to race (for preparing of trophy numbers).  First place winners in each division will receive a custom plaques.  All racers will receive participation medallion.  Overall 1st through 3rd winners for both men and women will receive a specialized award.  All awards will be presented at the awards portion of the contest race.

For more information contact: Joe Wilson at 479-530-6268 or email him at bigjoewilson123@yahoo.com


The following rules and guidelines are intended to help create a fun and safe event for all participants.

  • Participants must abide by all instructions given from the race director, race staff, volunteers and medical personnel.
  • Participants understand and acknowledge the Pump n Run/Pedal is an extreme event and accept all risks associated with the event.
  • Participants must be physically able to complete the course and all obstacles.
  • Participants can be of any age 5+ at long as parent consent is approved on race day in order to participate.
  • Participants must wear the provided course bib number clearly shown on the front. No participant will be allowed to race without an official bib number.
  • Several videographers and photographers are stationed along the course. Participants agree to allow the event producer to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.
  • Urinating or defecating on or anywhere near the course is strictly prohibited.
  • Registration is closed when the maximum capacity is reached (500 students K-12, 650 adults) – this is including teams.

Race results of 2016: Individual 2Mi timesIndividual 5K timesTeam times 5k

Watch the shorft clip of the 2016 event!!!

Date (from last race): May 6th, 2017; 8:45 am – 11:00 am; bench press/push up then perform the 5K run/obstacle course at 5 minute increments starting @ 9:00.

Sponsoring Options: become a corporate sponsor for the PRO Course or throughout the entire year